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Do you find yourself wanting to pass on some "pearls of wisdom" to those that follow? Every family has legends and you have some memories that can translate into entertaining and informative stories. In this 5 week class you will receive prompts that will inspire you to write from the heart, while exploring your place in the family of origin. Writing from the heart with the intention of re-writing your story and sharing these with others deepens our appreciation of what has been... and the future.

Class Description

Instructor will provide an innovative list of topics that can collectively and individually provide guidance for the next generation. Focusing on a combination of drawing and writing exercises participants will create the agenda for telling our family stories. We know others who DO want to hear about the past, even though being drawn so powerfully into the present always. Experience the joy of remembering special and significant life events that together will create a powerful legacy for the next generation. Think of yourself as a "shape-shifter" integrating the past and the present. Yes, you can do it.

At the end of this class, students will be able to: Explore the past and develop a rich list of significant life events with a story to be told and write about several in depth. The beauty of exploring the past using creative tools and allowing the imagination to add depth to the story provides all with some of the secrets of your personal wisdom. As we read stories to other participants we increase our confidence in the value of our perceptions. As past participants have said - Writing about the past is really preparing to live the future more mindfully.

Instruction/Communication Method: Using a FB private group page we will post our stories and commit to reading each others. One or two participants per week will have the joy of reading their stories out-loud. 5 conference calls will be utilized for instructor to present materials, outline, agenda and weekly homework assignments.


  • Unit 1: Diving in Deeply - Course Overview and Timeline of Significant Life Events
  • Unit 2: Work Experience
  • Unit 3: Unforgettable Relatives and Events
  • Unit 4: Family Traditions and Rituals
  • Unit 5: The Best Years of Your Life Together

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

Beginner or advanced depending on experience with exploring your personal story; word processing; email, access private FB page and conference call.

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours per week.

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $0. Non-SCN members: $.

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Praise for 's Classes

  • The personal communication between and Deborah Knox and the students both on Facebook and on the phone calls made this class special. We shared some deep personal events and really got to know each other. I have had other classes with no contact with either the instructor or students and didn't get nearly as much out of them. Deborah is a good facilitator and helped us to dig deep and improve our writing. —Jeannie B., Decatur IL