Deborah Knox

Class Title: Put Your Spirit to Work
Instructor: Deborah Knox
Class Term:
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Are you ready to re-invent yourself? Is work still a necessity, but the old definition/title/career just don't fit anymore? Are you looking to live a life with more meaning, purpose and fulfillment? Write your way into a new awareness and conduct meaningful self assessment on skills, values, needs and wants.

Class Description

This course will cover basic self assessment exercises from my book PUT YOUR SPIRIT TO WORK. Participants will write and post their life/work autobiography on a private FB page. Additional analysis of preferred work values and strengths will be assessed and reinforced by the story you have written. Feedback from instructor will provide the template for creating a newly defined purpose and identity

At the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • become aware of stumbling blocks from the past and re-write your story
  • create a new definition of supportive working conditions, values and rewards,
  • identify and OWN personal strengths and accomplishments and be able to talk about them freely;
  • become empowered and increase your self confidence by focusing on the positive aspects of your life, and expressing self love, and
  • create a new sense of purpose and passion to move through any remaining blocks.

Instruction/Communication Method: Private FB page for sharing writing and giving feedback. Instructor clarifies and personalizes assessment exercises and provides feedback. Participants provide input and suggestions on writing of life work autobiography. Participants share and receive information that supplements their own story with insights from others.


  • Unit 1: Course overview: creating and sharing intentions, instructions on future assignments.
    Homework: Write Work Experience Autobiography and submit to private FB page.
  • Unit 2: Mining your experience: group conversation on highlights of personal discovery regarding work habits, patterns of success and places where emotional wounding occurred.
    Homework: Conduct Skills Inventory on 3-5 difference work experiences, looking for patterns and themes.
  • Unit 3: Mining your experience: sharing insights, ahas, and beginning to prioritize strengths in terms of enjoyability and performance. Begin discussion of the importance of values and workplace incentives.
    Homework: Complete exercises on Passion, Purpose and Preferences
  • Unit 4: Reviewing and prioritizing values, rewards and other success factors for your new sense of self.
    Homework: Pull together the pieces and create your won personal mandala of Success.
  • Unit 5: Review personal mandalas and brainstorm possible new venues, niches, and share resources. Identify "next steps"
    Homework: Create a Life Worth Living: Goals setting for the next stage of your life and the future to come.
  • Unit 6: Summary and creating a blueprint for the future.

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

Word process, basic posting on FB and responding to emails.

Time Commitment: a good solid 3-5 hour a week of "homework" plus one hour class time.

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $192. Non-SCN members: $240.

Instructor Bio

Deborah Knox has over 30 years experience guiding individuals through a thoughtful process for identifying key components for living a fulfilling life and leaving a lasting legacy. As the owner of Life Work Transitions, she also is the author of Put Your Spirit to Work: Making a living Being Yourself (2012). She created this six session program & has been delivering it to live intimate groups in the Tucson area for over 4 years. Now she is pleased to have a venue for sharing this unique experience online with six individuals. The process of writing a spiritual autobiography is uplifting and clarifying, as individuals explore their innermost experiences and share them with others. The intimate writing and sharing of this structured writing group provides an amazing depth of feeling and clarity about significant "spiritual" events. The writing itself is always superb and the culmination of the group results in greater sensitivity to and trusting of one's inner voice. She lives in Tucson AZ and summers in New England. Visit her website, her blog, & her amazon author page.

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Praise for Deborah's Classes

  • The personal communication between and Deborah Knox and the students both on Facebook and on the phone calls made this class special. We shared some deep personal events and really got to know each other. I have had other classes with no contact with either the instructor or students and didn't get nearly as much out of them. Deborah is a good facilitator and helped us to dig deep and improve our writing. —Jeannie B., Decatur IL