Deborah Knox

Class Title: Crafting Your Spiritual Storyline
Instructor: Deborah Knox
Class Term:
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Writing about what's most important to you, or as close as you can is the intention of crafting a spiritual autobiography. When we talk about the soul, whether it be a religious or spiritual experience we're talking about the center. When you write from that center you're dealing with what is essential and central to your life's experience. Re-experience your past by remembering and writing about it from a spiritual perspective (taking into account its meaning in the context of your current life's journey.) Deepen your writing, by learning to come from the core of your existence

Class Description

As we write and share our stories, we realize we do have the power to change our own past by viewing it differently and it can change naturally into something "more true" in the experiencing of it. When we view an experience through the adult lens, we see how it can be altered as we understand it differently as a result of writing and sharing.

Writing assignments will be provided in a consecutive manner to encourage the writing of short pieces leading up to the writing of a more comprehensive "spiritual autobiography." Participants will read pieces during weekly phone calls, and others will be posted for review and comments.

At the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • Review their life journey by creating a spiritual road map from a "spiritual lens."
  • Re-experience the past and what "really" happened, but also realize it is something that can be altered.
  • Deepen their writing, by receiving permission to write about the "spiritual" as we look for what that means to each of us
  • Write short meaningful pieces that are part of a larger fabric leading to crafting a Spiritual autobiography.

Instruction/Communication Method: We will use a private confidential FB page to post our stories and Conference Call for weekly meetings. One person or two people will read each week. Participants will post stories on page and are invited to comment on each others' writing.


  • Unit 1: Overview of Course. Discussion of "spiritual" as it relates to crafting your storyline. Drawing spiritual road maps exercise and sharing. Write about Childhood Spiritual Experience. Complete spiritual road map.

  • Unit 2: Read and share Childhood Spiritual Experiences. Share spiritual road maps. Discuss guidelines for next assignment, Adolescence. Write about a spiritual experience from adolescence.

  • Unit 3: Read and Share Written Adolescent experiences. Discuss guidelines for next assignment Turbulent 20's or a Spiritual Mentor, Friend or Guide. Present guidelines for Writing Spiritual Autobiography. Write about Turbulent 20's or a SM, Friend or Guide.

  • Unit 4: Read and Share short writings. Write Spiritual Autobiography.

  • Unit 5: Read and Share Spiritual Autobiography. Write Spiritual Autobiography.

  • Unit 6: Read and Share Spiritual Autobiography.

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

Beginners, intermediate and advanced writers will benefit from this soul-searching experience to deepen writing. Must be able to use internet, post on to google groups and respond, Word, etc.)

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours a week - reflection time; writing time - posting and commenting.

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $192. Non-SCN members: $240.

Instructor Bio

Deborah Knox has over 30 years experience guiding individuals through a thoughtful process for identifying key components for living a fulfilling life and leaving a lasting legacy. As the owner of Life Work Transitions, she also is the author of Put Your Spirit to Work: Making a living Being Yourself (2012). She created this six session program & has been delivering it to live intimate groups in the Tucson area for over 4 years. Now she is pleased to have a venue for sharing this unique experience online with six individuals. The process of writing a spiritual autobiography is uplifting and clarifying, as individuals explore their innermost experiences and share them with others. The intimate writing and sharing of this structured writing group provides an amazing depth of feeling and clarity about significant "spiritual" events. The writing itself is always superb and the culmination of the group results in greater sensitivity to and trusting of one's inner voice. She lives in Tucson AZ and summers in New England. Visit her website, her blog, & her amazon author page.

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