Class Title: Independent Study Program, Session 1
Instructor: Lynn Goodwin
Class Term: January 11-February 8, 2016
We are not accepting any more enrollments for Lynn's class; the class has started.


During this 4-week session, I'll take your writing to the next level. That means something different for everyone. I'll ask questions about your overall project as well as each week's specific submission (500-2000 words). You'll start seeing new possibilities and approach your writing with renewed energy.

Stuck? We can talk about why you can't get started, eliminate the hurdle, and move forward.

Bogged down? Let's figure out what's happening to the characters, the action, and your message.

Ready to find a publisher? Let's work on your cover letter and polish that first chapter until it sparkles. Together we'll take your work-in-progress to the next level. I can guide you to useful sources for submitting shorter pieces and I can help you learn about the options for self-publishing.


Your Skills: You need to be able to use Microsoft Word and e-mail. Having questions about your work when you start will help.

My Skills: I've been the editor/owner of Writer Advice for fifteen years. I'm also the author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers (Tate Publishing). I have extensive experience teaching, editing, writing, promoting, and coaching writers, and I love pulling them out of the funk that rises up when a manuscript bogs down.


  • Answering your questions
  • Opening your eyes
  • Helping you find your voice for a
    • Flash fiction
    • Short story
    • Personal essay
    • Novel or novella
    • Memoir
    • Academic writing

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $200. Non-SCN members: $250.

Instructor Bio

Lynn Goodwin Lynn Goodwin is a freelance writer, editor, teacher, former caregiver, and the author of You Want Me To Do What? Journaling for Caregivers (Tate Publishing). She is published in Voices of Caregivers; Hip Mama; the Oakland Tribune; the Contra Costa Times; the Danville Weekly; Staying Sane When You're Dieting; Small Press Review; Dramatics Magazine; Career; We Care; Families of Loved Ones Magazine; The Sun and numerous e-zines and blogs. She's taught workshops and written reviews for Story Circle Network. She currently works for StudySync, and Caregiver Village. She facilitates writing workshops and publishes Writer Advice. Visit her website.

Praise for Lynn's Classes

  • Lynn Goodwin is a wonderful writing instructor who offers a positive approach. She has great insight, helpful writing suggestions, and the understanding and creativity to help make writing material better. I'd take her Independent Course again in a heartbeat. —Judy W., Studio City CA

  • Lynn Goodwin's positive encouragement and enthusiasm pushes me to write for her. Thank you Lynn! —Anne W., West Chester PA

  • Lynn Goodwin was an excellent instructor for the independent study course. Her comments and questions were precise and helpful. She was very encouraging while giving suggestions for changes. —Betsy K., Granite City, IL

  • Lynn Goodwin's questions helped me find issues I needed to work on and think about, to go deeper into the subject. She helped me see my writing from a reader's point of view, opening up new perspective on what I had taken for granted. I was hoping for specific editorial help for my book, and I got that. Very pleased with this course and with my progress under Lynn's guidance! Her questions were very insightful, and called attention to the things I needed to think about and work on. I would definitely recommend this course and this instructor! Betsy K., Granite City, IL

  • Lynn Goodwin has a very good way of asking questions. Wonderful class. —Vanessa M., Klosters, Switerzerland

  • Lynn Goodwin is an encouraging and effective mentor. Her comments challenged me to improve my writing and go deeper into each scene. Anyone working on an ongoing manuscript would benefit from her guidance. —Renee C., Hicksville NY

  • My expectations were 1) to start writing anything, 2) to focus more onto one subject, and 3) to develop a theme and storyline. They are sequential for the most part. I got started, and developed some focus, but the potential storylines are still in glamourous thought impeded by many years of daily chores and procrastination. Lynn Goodwin was helpful in getting through some of that...She is great at starting with you where you are at and proceeding forward. —Susan P., Grangeville ID

  • Lynn Goodwin is great at giving what is needed! ...very accessible, responsive and supportive... suggests readings that are appropriate to your needs. I keep coming back to work with Lynn because she keeps me going on my project! [she] has been a wonderful inspiration. — Diane P., Pikesville MD

  • Lynn Goodwin is the best writing instructor I have ever had. She has guided me through this journey with ease. —Anthony F., Danville CA

  • Lynn Goodwin has been very supportive and I feel as if my writing is improving significantly with her help and encouragement... I have been enjoying working with Lynn tremendously... I feel as if she has become my Muse :) — Diane P., Pikesville MD

  • Lynn Goodwin has a unique gift, talent? skill? of digging deep and hitting the heart of the story. She provokes incredibly deep and personal connection and thought to the material. I think it must be a difficult task to connect with each of her students since we come from such different backgrounds and experiences, but Lynn is able to cut through all the surrounding "stuff" and reach out to and touch the writer in me! It was a wonderfully supportive and encouraging environment, and a "safe" place to explore who we are as women,daughters, sisters, friends, wives—humans interacting, and most importantly who we are as writers with Lynn's sharp eye and caring guidance... I will definitely sign up for the next session, but could it be a wee bit longer? —Janice S., Houston TX

  • Through the first and second session [with Lynn Goodwin] ... I did finally "get" what showing vs telling meant ... I feel that was a tremendous step! Lynn is very supportive and involved and responsive. She did keep me moving on my work. —Diane P., Pikesville MD

  • If you are motivated and serious about your writing, Lynn Goodwin just may be a perfect match for you. She was always available if I had questions, she made great suggestions and her feedback was always given in such a way that I never felt embarrassed about my writing. She understood me and my needs and was very responsive. She returned my writing with her suggestions quickly, which helped me keep on writing. I had an amazing experience with her and will be taking as many classes with her as I can. —Debra R., Media PA

  • For someone who is unsure what the future holds in terms of writing capabilities, Lynn Goodwin's Independent Study was an excellent way to begin the exploration. —Mike Q., Walnut Creek CA

  • I really felt I grew in my understanding of how to edit and possibly get an article published. Lynn Goodwin's encouragement was amazing and very uplifting. It made me want to continue to strive to become a better writer. —Mary Anne D., Riverhead NY

  • Lynn Goodwin inspires you to confront the creative process at the level you need to address. She is warm, encouraging, and specific in her comments to each writer's needs. My hands are cramping from her input to me, and her matra, "Keep writing. Just keep writing," is helping me release all kinds of wonderful things I had no idea would so freely emerge for me. —Linda S., Cedar City UT

  • This is the second class I've taken with Lynn Goodwin and again she gave so much of her time to each writer, always responded quickly, and offered encouraging and thoughtful comments that made me want to keep writing. She really makes the online classes work and I will take another class from her any time she offers one. —Margaret S., Austin TX

  • This is the best online writing course I have taken. Lynn Goodwin was gentle and generous with her comments. I came away having a strong sense of what my strengths are and where I can take new direction. —Carol Z., St. Louis MO

  • Great Class. Terrific feedback. Interesting Group exchanges/writers added to the benefits of Lynn Goodwin's class. —Jane L., Oakland CA

  • Absolutely splendid! Lynn Goodwin's response was timely, thorough, and specific. —Carol Z., St. Louis MO

  • Lynn Goodwin was great. Prompt, encouraging. —Jane L., Oakland CA

  • Lynn Goodwin's comments were extremely encouraging. —Maria A., San Gabriel CA