Class Title: Writing Travel Essays
Instructor: Teresa Cutler-Broyles
Class Term:
We are not accepting any more enrollments for Teresa's class; the class has started.


Summer is here and travel—across the world, country or town—is near. Learn how to tap into your inner journey as you write personal travel essays about new and familiar travel destinations, and discover how writing about travel can be both exciting and contemplative.

Class Description

Each week lesson materials and assignments will be posted (via our Yahoo group) involving a visit to one familiar and one unfamiliar destination, with specific questions and tips on how to write a short essay about that experience, using emotions the place brings up, if any; colors and textures you experience; and sounds, smells and tastes. Over the course of the class we will discuss types of targeted travel writers might want to try: coffee shops in a designated area of their town, local botanical gardens, wineries or breweries, or restaurants, and more. Information on how to get your work published online and in various print publications will be provided. Instructor will also schedule online instant message/chat times with each student. Through the Yahoo Group site all students can post and communicate with each other about their work, questions for the instructor, and other issues. A Facebook page will be set up as well, for posting comments and suggestions to each other. Instructor will provide a short list of suggested books, and a small packet on magazine editing will be distributed electronically.

Students who successfully complete this course will know how to write with more authority about travel near and far, techniques with which to approach publishing venues, and what they need to get their new work published. In addition, students will be able to use their writing as a path to exciting inner exploration.


  • Unit 1: Course introduction; The different types of travel writing; Elements of travel and essay writing; Travel writing tips.
  • Unit 2: Traveling with purpose; Exploring differences between familiar and unfamiliar places.
  • Unit 3: Meeting travel writing challenges; Travel writing skills.
  • Unit 4: Writing during and after travel destinations; Publication considerations.
  • Unit 5: Polishing and making your travel essays publication ready; Query letters; Course wrap-up.

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

Students must be able to use Word (or compatible freeware) well enough to write and save a document,and have access to a computer in order to submit their work. The time required for this course will vary from student to student. We will have approximately one hour per week of interaction online; beyond that, each student will travel to and write about destinations.

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $160. Non-SCN members: $200.

Instructor Bio

Teresa Cutler-Broyles Teresa Cutler-Broyles has a Master's Degree in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature and is a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies. She has been writing professionally since 1992. Her credits include fiction as well as non-fiction travel essays, book reviews, screenplays, and interviews with various news-makers and shakers. Her latest book is A Dream That Keeps Returning, a series of travel essays about Italy. Teresa teaches film classes at the University of New Mexico and owns a small business, InkWell International LLC. Through InkWell she runs writing workshops in Italy (soon expanding to Turkey and Egypt) and provides a variety of writing and editing services. She lives in Albuquerque with her husband, step-kids, and two dogs. Visit her website.