Class Title: How to Be Your Own Writing Coach: Practical Journaling for Productive Writing
Instructor: Jennifer Bradley
Class Term: October 8-November 12, 2018
We are not accepting any more enrollments for Jennifer's class; the class has started.


This class is designed to teach practical journaling tools that support the work of writing. Learn how to coach yourself out of procrastination and into doing your writing.

Class Description

This class is suitable for you if you want to write more consistently and are ready to create the internal and external support you need to make that easier. Small shifts in your environment and awareness of your writing process can have a big impact. Each week we will have a short reading, a guided journal exercise to choose and complete, and online post in the group to share your observations and learning.

At the end of this class, students will be able to: Apply journaling tools to a small writing project to clarify writing aspirations and create manageable goals. Increase insight into environmental factors that support writing progress. Identify personal triggers for procrastination. Learn and apply strategies to reduce the impact of internal and external obstacles.

Students will be asked to join an online group. This will be used for all class communication, including access to the class materials and activities. All the materials needed for the class will be included.


Each student will select their own small project (or part of a bigger project) to work on during the class. This is the "vehicle" you will use to explore your writing process. Making choices is an important part of this process. It includes what to do when you feel unclear. In each of the four weeks, we will explore one or more journaling techniques to help you move forward. The approach we are using draws on Appreciative Inquiry and journaling techniques.
  • Unit 1: Describe. Whether you see yourself as a beginning writer or an experienced writer, you already have a reservoir of knowledge and experience to draw on. In the first week, we will focus on finding the hidden assets that you have "just as you are."
  • Unit 2: Dream. In week 2, we will look to the future. Using journaling approaches to tap into power of your imagination, you will explore the possibilities that you want to create for yourself.
  • Unit 3: Design. This week is all about creating helpful structures to transform your dream to reality. You will try out one or more journaling tools that are easy to apply but have a powerful impact on you ability to focus your efforts.
  • Unit 4: Destiny. In the final week, we will identify ways to weave together what you have learned into a fabric of support that carries your unique design. This includes ways to re-energize when obstacles occur.

Student Skills, Equipment, and Time Required

Participants will need access to internet and computer skills including using word-processing, email, and be willing to participate in an online learning group to share learning and post comments.

Time Commitment: You should expect to spend between one and two hours over the course of the week to participate in this class. The work includes reading the week's class material, writing guided personal journal entries, and then posting a short account of your experience, interacting with fellow students, and asking any questions you have with the class. In the first week, we will discuss specific guidelines to help create a safe learning space for everyone. (For example, your personal journal entries are yours, and you will not be asked to share them online.)

Tuition/Fees for this course

SCN members: $128. Non-SCN members: $160.

Instructor Bio

Jennifer Bradley Jennifer Bradley, Ph.D. specializes in helping professionals navigate career and work life transitions with more ease and less stress. Her interest in journaling as a tool for personal growth and overcoming procrastination grew from her own experience of the power of personal writing to get unstuck and overcome obstacles to positive change. With Certificates in Journaling Facilitation and Project Management, she enjoys teaching others how to use writing and project tools to spend more time on what's most important. Visit her website.